Campus STU Bratislava

Hubert Waliczek
Cracow Technical University (Politechnika Krakowska), Kraków

Project idea

The idea of the project was to create a facility that would ensure the comfort of
work for students, PhD students and office workers. The designed facility is to combine
aesthetics with functionality. An important aspect was to connect all important zones in
a way that would ensure good communication between people in the building space
(students, doctoral students and employees ...). Such a solution can have a significant
impact on increasing employee satisfaction and increasing the productivity of a given
The basic space for dividing the zones was to design a large hall where functional
facilities such as cash desks, an information point and the entire canteen would be
The main building houses all administrative offices, doctoral students 'rooms, assistants'
rooms, and classrooms. On the top floor, we have a quiet zone, a cinema room and a

Project description

A simple facade of the designed building evokes Japanese minimalism, and thus
the importance of form and shape, as well as respect for simplicity.
The general shape of the building is, on the one hand, intended to intrigue and
delight with its extraordinary form (this is the entrance to the building), and on the
other hand, constitute a coherent element of the surroundings in which it is located. The
lacing that connects the campus between two diverse faculties. Therefore, a
compromise between the above guidelines, which constitute the important assumptions
of the project, has become a big challenge

Technical information

Panned development of the plot
The construction of the Campus Center in Bratislava is planned on the plot.
Moreover, the reconstruction of the existing entrance to the plot from the south is
A hardened area has been designed around the building. The entrance to the
building will be paved with concrete slabs. Concrete slabs leading to the so-called a
relaxation zone located outside. A square will be paved in front of the entrance to the
facility. An additional area will be paved, meeting the requirements for the movement
of heavy vehicles, including the fire brigade, which will provide the necessary fire
protection. The roads and sidewalks around the building will be additionally

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