Catherine Maeve Salazar, Arjay P. Caberte, Myson R. Castañeda Jr., Ericho Paulo R. Ramos
National University - Manila

Idea projektu

Marinduque, Philippines is a well-known province for a weekend getaway or a place for staycation spot for those who want to get the feels of summer. It is also a good spot for those who wants to feel calm and get a relaxing mood and ambiance.
The concept behind this project is Marinduque being the heart of the Philippines. The way the project conceptualized is how it will cater the users and tourists to feel the love of nature. By this, design come up with making it more open, a modern-tropical style is applied strategically to let the users engaged with its surroundings. Users fell inlove and calmed by the ambiance of the area, cherishes every hour and gathering memories that will be added to each other's life.

Popis projektu

the objectives of this project are:
1. To design a hotel which will cater the needs and wants of the users (high customer satisafction).
2. To design a hotel which that wil also provide job opportunities to the municipality of Marinduque.
3. To design a hotel which has a minimal impact on the given environment setting of the site.
4. To adapt the culture of Marinduque to promote tourism and increasing its economy by applying it on the structure itself (interior and exterior).
5. To design a hotel which maximizes the view to the sea (good vista).
6. To design a hotel which will not just be a normal hotel but a more engaging and user-friendly one.

Technické informace

As Marinduque is also known as the Butterfly Capital of the Phillippines, the project is conceptualized based on the butterfly form. The project is separated into two areas by a central pathway. It comes up with the garden theme which gives an additional cool feeling and an environment engaging space as it is made with sustainable materials such as bamboos.

The two areas were named based on the Tale of Marinduque which is about the life of Marina and Garduk. Hotel proper was named as the Marina Executive Suites while the other building, was named as the Garduk’s Junior Suites.

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