Fallen Angel

SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture
Spojené státy americké

Idea projektu

For a building to be both a landmark in a city, and a structure with the power required to give the city an identity, its architecture needs to be unique, not only with the regard to other buildings in the city, but also within the context of world architecture.
When people hear about Los Angeles the first thing that comes in their mind is Hollywood, beautiful beaches, the fancy Beverly Hills ets.. But none of that is related to the name of Los Angeles. Fallen angel is born to give a true meaning to the city and it’s name. It will become a major tourist destination worldwide. It will be the ethos of the city and culture within which it is placed, it should speak to its context and reinforce the city’s culture, and the character of its people. It will evoke emotions, and inspire and lift the human spirit.

Popis projektu

The Fallen Angel is a modern library located in Los Angeles California U.S.A. it is 0.5 mile distanced from the beach. The whole building is designed to mimic a fallen angel, it will be the new landmark of Los Angeles.
Three goals were focused on in this project: 1) net zero energy building, 2) new touristic destination, 3) reviving the pleasure to read books.

Technické informace

Several sustainable strategies were implemented in this project. The building is taking fully advantage of it's nearness to the ocean to harness wind energy. It's orientation and shape help the winds target the wind turbines placed on the top of the building. Other sustainable strategies are the geothermal technology, Photovoltaic cells facing upward to harness sun energy, natural ventilation openings also facing the ocean, and glassed roof to allow maximum sun light. Lastly 2 solar panels that are placed on both sides of the building, these solar panels are shaped like a tattoo.
The building has two entrances, west and east, it has an underground parking lot. For it's programming, it has a reading areas throughout the whole building including stairs.

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