Center of Innovation in Bratislava - Transformation of the courtyard

Ivana Zaneva
UACEG - University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia, Bulgaria

Idea projektu

I offer a network of spaces that are connected to each other rather than a concentration of all the functions of the innovation center and peripheral university activities in one place. Diverse places that give opportunity for communication are created. Thus, the valuable characteristics of the environment and buildings are emphasized and rethinked. The existing volumes of quality are reused. The new system of spaces respects the orthogonal and monumental nature of the existing campus, but at the same time carries the spirit of modernity - it is dynamic, adaptable, and bears a new look. This system is characterized by penetrations through the ground floors of the buildings that open the campus to the outside world. They work both as entrances and informal exhibition spaces. The materiality of my proposal is inspired by the façade of the existing laboratory - glass and clay bricks - a specific lot characteristic from the period of the university complex construction.

Popis projektu

The entrances to the STU yard are emphasized through new volumes of glass bricks, which ensure its connection to other urban spaces and to the Faculty of Architecture. The poor quality and unusable buildings are removed. The terrain is modeled in two main levels. They are connected through ramps, stairs, a sloping meadow and stairs, and the transformed building of the laboratory. The existing onground parking is relocated in part of the former laboratory building. The result is less sealed soil in the yard and more greenery. The new landscaping solution of the yard is made of large panels of permeable pavement and spacious lawns. The main university hall is emphasized by a sloping meadow and a metal stair, which provides access to it from the yard. The complex is open and communicative. The proposed new spaces hold a variety of functions, scattered across the whole complex. The existing structure of the laboratory building is reused and its damaged facade cladding is removed. The new facade appearance is inspired by the original outlook - clay and glass bricks. The necessary parking spaces are provided by shifting the facade panels forward. The structural grid is demonstrated on the facade through panels, the division of which corresponds to this grid. The rooftop restaurant is something completely new for the appearance and volume of the building, therefore it bears a different architectural approach and materiality. Metal exterior stairs lead to the roof of the building. They are inspired by the original laboratory image. The interior solution is honest to the building. Bright furniture accents contrast to the raw concrete original construction.

Technické informace

(Former laboratory transformation):
I keep the existing structure of the laboratory but I remove the old facade in poor condition. The new one is inspired by the materiality of the original. The primary premises (both outside and inside) are treated with glass bricks. The service spaces (such as the parking area) are treated with perforated panels of clay brick, this allowing also for good ventilation. The parking area operates with a two-storey parking system. The access to the second level of the parking area is realized through an external metal ramp, reinforced by columns, beams and K-connections. The evacuation is carried out by metal external stairs, anchored at the columns of the existing building. The roof space is used as a place for recreation and work. The main part of it is occupied by the restaurant in a newly built volume in steel and glass. It follows the logic of the former technical rooms. The new volume is airy and reflects the surrounding space.

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