ROOF_SUPPORT : Complex facility

jeonghun Choi
Jižní Korea

Idea projektu

Various people live together in the world. Disability is one of the diversity, and anyone can have a disability. However, our society still recognizes disability as a challenge that individuals must overcome due to difficulties and discrimination. We propose harmony between the disabled and non-disabled people through various shared spaces and sports activities.

Popis projektu

Every year, many tourists come to enjoy Yeosu's night sea and coastal culture. However, as regions near the coast develop in a similar fashion, Yeosu’s identity is no longer blunted. In this regard, it is intended to present architecturally the regional characteristics formed by nature.

Technické informace

The idea was inspired by the tent theater used at the Yeosu Expo.There is a cantilever around the column and it is transferring the load to the column by wire.The poles are left behind and the tent is turned over to propose a new roof shape. In order to reduce the thickness of the member, the load is distributed by dividing it into several parts.The wooden pillars can withstand the load of a 100m long roof, and the sagging of the roof is solved with the space frame structure.

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