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Project idea

Due to the Expo, Deokchung-dong in Yeosu is made up of tourist facilities and hotels, and citizens also feel that cultural and sports facilities are necessary.
It is a densely populated area with 5 school facilities within a 10-minute walk around, and several apartment complexes with 1,000 households in the vicinity. Yeosu Expo Station is right in front. If we add cultural facilities that other local residents can enjoy when they travel or visit, various people can enjoy it. In addition, it is a space for the disabled as a cultural and sports facility for the disabled, but by eliminating the height of use that can be used by non-disabled people, everyone can use it. The goal is to plan the space in which it is located.

Project description

Creates a sense of open space due to the high ceiling height of the library and void space
On the west side, there is an outdoor terrace where the river flows, and the gym is located behind the building.
A view of the sea to the south activates a community space where you can stay.
The officetel facilities are located in the northeast of the site, so the distance between the sites is close, so a parking lot is placed in the northeast to keep the distance between the buildings apart. The main entrance and the site yard are set to the southwest so that there is a high rate of movement to the south of the residents and easy access, and there is a buffer green area to the south of the site so that it connects naturally.

Location : 2073 Deokchung-dong, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do
Programs : Disabled sports facilities
Site Area : 7,801.2㎡
Building Area : 2,392㎡
Gross Floor Area (GFA) : 6052.5㎡
Parking Area : 1,132㎡(General 34 cars, disabled parking 12 cars)
Building Coverage Ratio : 32.6%
Floor Area Ratio (FAR) : 77.58%
Number of Floors : 3F
Story of Height : 5.0m(3.5m, 8.0m floor to ceiling)
Structure of use : Truss structure, Diagrid structure, Grid structure
Principal Materials : Glass, Steel, and Concrete

Technical information

The roof load of the gym is transmitted to the front truss and V-shaped column, and the load from the truss is transmitted to the truss floor between the first and second floors through the diagrid structure and transferred to the first floor column. The large space of the library and hall is a grid structure, the steel roof transmits the load with rectangular joists and IPE beams, and distributes the load by transmitting and distributing the load to the two column structure.


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