Inquisitio Innovation Center

Rodrigo Cabrera
UNAM, Facultad de Arquitectura, Mexico City

Idea projektu

This architectural proposal was generated with the goal of demonstrating how existing social and environmental factors should mold the urban fabric we inhabit. Populations and weather patterns should be like the wind on a sail. Guiding principles that determine how architecture should function.

Popis projektu

This project breaks away from traditional typologies, as it's goal is to provide a transparent and permeable space that enriches the local community and its inhabitants. Using a parametric algorithm, a complex geometric proposal was generated using various weather and population dynamics data points. Incident radiation analysis and pedestrian simulations were the key components in this proposal, allowing the formation of an intricate membrane that allows panoramic visibility, low environmental impact on neighboring buildings and an open plan center that can dynamically change based on the needs of the community.

Technické informace

The project has a total area of 12,560 m2 that is divided into 5 levels: An underground Parking lot, and 4 additional levels. The underground level, contains 188 standard (4.88 m x 2.44 m) parking spaces, a main exit and an entrance that is accessible through Radlinského avenue. This underground level provides access to the ground floor using 2 main stairways and 2 sets of elevators.

On the ground Floor, the experiential center, media library, social spaces and catering services are located.

On the first floor, the interdisciplinary innovation center is located. Due to the complex topographical features, of the site another entrance is located on the northeastern side of the complex, allowing seamless transitions from upper to lower terrain.

The second floor houses additional specialized laboratories such as a digital fabrication laboratory.

On the fourth floor, administrative services linked to the local administration are located.


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