Centro Educacional Pequeno Criativo

Amanda Matos
University Vila Velha (Universidade Vila Velha - UVV)

Project idea

The idea was to design a school in the city of Vitória in the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil

Project description

The concept of the proposed children's educational center is to build a school whose main purpose is learning in a playful way. Thus, the party is expressed through the fitting of geometric shapes, referring to a game. A multi-sport court was proposed to serve the school and the community at different times from the school. For the landscaping, intended for the free area for public use, an abstract and geometric floor layout was created, using sober colors, as a reference to urbanist Burle Marx, aiming at an interactive and pleasant space for the community.

Technical information

Year: 2020

Author: Amanda Matos

Location: Av. Dante Michelini, Jardim Camburi, Vitória - ES, Brazil

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