Possibility of Border

穆建祥, 刘佳琦, 辛东键
Dalian University of Technology

Project idea

Design Description: "sky garden" and innovation and renewal

From the perspective of urban design, the existing school layout affects the continuous urban ecological corridor on the north and south sides, and forms a barrier to the intersection of social personnel streamline in the courtyard. There are too many fragmented negative space in the campus courtyard, lack of outdoor sports space, and lack of regional vitality. In this scheme, an air pedestrian ring road is set to break through the existing buildings on the north side, so as to attract the people in the North Square to pay attention to the campus courtyard space, and create more possibilities for the communication between the people on both sides of the north and the south in the courtyard. Double loop experience space shuttle, and with the help of continuous gentle slope to solve the evacuation, making the whole "sky garden" activity space at one go.

Considering the main flow of people at both ends of the site, the overall layout is designed as a guided entrance. The basement is optimized, vehicles are introduced into the underground space to liberate the surface space, and combined with the height difference in the site to make a three-dimensional landscape passage. The building expands the functional space in the vertical dimension. The relatively active space at the bottom is open to the social personnel, and the upper layer is mainly for the campus teachers and students, and connects the new and old building space through the corridor. The reconstruction of the main body of the heavy-duty laboratory considers to create multiple spaces on the basis of retaining the original structural system, such as open discussion, ladder reading, smart atrium, etc., and separate the service space from the served space. Combined with the two diagonal entrance hall, the circular three-dimensional traffic is made to solve the possible intersection problem of the crowd flow line.

Project description

The overall plan tries to consider the economic feasibility of the tone, the minimum change, the maximum effect. Air leisure Ring Road, open cooperation and exchange, three-dimensional landscape level, reshape the vitality of the campus, stimulate the charm of the city.

Technical information

According to the composition of the building:

1. The facade of heavy laboratory is decorated with metal sheet skin and frame supported glass curtain wall

2. The ring support structure is made of stainless steel support and outer stainless steel skin

3. The runway is made of plastic, and the green plant landscape and pavement around the runway use the original heavy laboratory facade to dismantle the brick materials

4. The column network, structural form and size of the underground parking lot shall be set according to the relevant parameters of the original underground parking lot.

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