A-frame House

Phyo Thinzar
Technological University of Mandalay

Idea projektu

Hello my name is Phyo thinzar.I am from Myanmar(burma). I can't study in my university due to crisis. So I do only project exercise at my home with a little knowledge I have. The saturation of my country make me become more and more depressed. So , I think I want to live away from city , away from people, away from countryside and covid-19. Thus I have an idea of house in like -forest , beside the stream that always I have dreaming. All of above reason, I do this a little project with my few skills. Thank you very much to participate in your competition.

Popis projektu

My project is very simple. It includes floor plan with ground and first and rendering with lumion . The materials are mostly with wood and plaster. And then, It include living space, dinning together with mini bar, kitchen , hobby room, 1 master bed space on upper stair and 2 bath&wc.
Viewing duck area is in front of house and car parking is beside of house. Plan by Autocad (2014), modelling by sketchup (2018) and rendering by Lumion 9. Next interior living space is my first rendering of interior. This is my own ideal and design too.All of two projects are individual work.

Technické informace

I think my project don't involve much technology. Just lighting and interior components have from tech. Thank you.

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