School Project: The Third Teacher

Nayeema Afrin
Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Dhaka

Idea projektu

The project was to design a school for children that can be their third teacher. A school that can connect teachers with students, the nature with their souls and guide the children to a new path of success. So, I tried to keep a single connection that connects the whole school in a center and leads them to explore new places by connecting each other.

Popis projektu

The bridge connections of this project are the main part and attraction of the school. It is always surprising for a student that where he/she is going and where it is going to end. It is itself leading them as a third teacher. It was kind of tough to design in this site but successfully it has got an end.

Technické informace

I divided the zones individually and the connected them with each other. The concept was to make the connection as a brain synapse connection that can control the activities in a single place by its connections like a brain.


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