Green Hill Cafe

Stefan Stanković
GAF - University of Niš - Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Project idea

Idea of the interior is to make caffee bar user forget temporarily about their gadgets and find themselves in a good-modern ambient. Create concept in some miraculous devices that create some optical effects and make shades dance on walls.

Project description

Building has 2 levels, ground floor and gallery. Main entry and economic entry.
Used the effect of light and shades with windows. Reach illusion of some deepness there with the help of backlight and contrast silhouettes. The main surface in bar are grey light plaster and bricks. Graphical pattern on the plaster wall panels and the and the basis of the bar counter by a welded seam which became a decorative element.

Technical information

The Structures of the building is made of concrete columns and ribbed slabs. Materials in building are concrete, plaster, bricks, glass, wood, ceramic floor and grass.

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