Ile Oro - Yoruba Resort & Cultural Center.

Fawaz Adelaja
Federal University of Technology Akure Ondo State Nigeria

Idea projektu

Ilé ọrọ ̀ is a Yoruba translation for “house of wealth” and in other translations “house of riches”.

Every time culture is a subject of discussion, we all try to express how rich our individual culture is. The truth is words alone cant express how rich
any culture is and I was tired of talking.

As an African (Yoruba) architectural designer, I preferred to express the riches of my culture with a statement noticeable from miles away. One
that speaks the native language… a cultural landmark that beats the test of time.

The ilé ọrọ ̀ resort.

Popis projektu

The concept is from a cowrie shell and Yoruba divination tray. Cowries were used as currency for centuries in west Africa, it is viewed as a symbol of wealth and well being and are commonly used in jewelry and other decorative pieces.

They are also used during divination by casting them down on a divination tray to reach out to the ancestors. Doing this in my design, the idea is for the cowrie to permanently be on the tray... Meaning the ancestors
are constantly going to be with us.

Technické informace

15 Culturally Inspired Element of the Design:
Architecture of the ancient Yoruba of Southwest Nigeria was a communal endeavor and the house was a statement of ideological, economic and social position in the larger urban context. The traditional Yoruba man was a polygamist, counting his wives and children when
numbering his properties – and his lifestyle fed into his building.

Aesthetics & Forms
1. Yoruba Fabrics (adire & aso-oke).
2. Yoruba divination tray & cowrie shell.
3. Yoruba patterns & mottifs.

Materials & Sustainability
1. Termite Resistant Trees & Bamboo.
2. Earth & Stones.
3. Bipv- Building Integrated photovoltaic.

Culture & Lifestyle
1. Courtyard & open living spaces.
2. Partying & social interaction spaces.
3. Elegant dressing & dramatic lifestyle.

Process & Costs
1. Wattle & daub.
2. Employ local craftmanship.
3. Women will cut & sew the fabrics.

Spirituality & Philosophy
1. Houses are built to support their social and religious life.
2. Sculpted post are used to tell stories of ancestors.
3. Opon ifa and Owo eyo are used in divination to reach out to ancestors.


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