flow center

halima mohammad saeid
Istanbul Kültür University, Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul

Idea projektu

the aim of this project is to provide friendly space . since the project is located in crowded area and, different people are visiting the area so the project has taken inspiration from the movement of people activities in order to provide friendly environment and space for them.

Popis projektu

there is four building , each building provide different daily activities for people . building of center of knowledge is designed for library and computer lap and café for students book lovers . building of center of creativities is designed for artists which contain theater and changing room
cafeteria , eating place , art gallery . sport center is a place for sports lovers

Technické informace

there a huge canopy which connected with buildings in the beginning of canopy and in end part of canopy is ramp which continue till the beginnig of building and then in the middle of huge canopy it provide a terrace which this terrace has another canopy and, under of that canopy there is food standing . in the middle of building there is courtyard with some sitting area for them

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