5 Star Hotel Marina Lagos

Emmanuel Meniru
University of Lagos, Akoka-yaba

Idea projektu

the project is to design a 5star, high rise hotel in the heart
of lagos (lagos island, marina) with the green guild five
star rating system. the hotel is to be designed with
distinctive quality that will capture and enhance the
urbanizing momentum of Lagos island, offering the
highest standards of luxury with impeccable service delivery.
The proposal would be a minimum of 36 floors and will respond
effectively to the needs of all and sundry.

Popis projektu

hospitality is so important in life. providing an environment
that is comfortable and enjoyable is much more important
than feeling pressure to have a perfect home.

The primary purpose of a hotel is to provide travellers with
shelter, food, refreshment and similar services and goods,
offering on a commercial basis things that are customarily
furnished within households but unavailable to people on
a journey away from home.

Technické informace


- sustainability
- functionality
- luxury and comfort
- ease of access
- sense of place
- aesthetics
- human interaction
- smart building integration


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