Coworking space ( architecture and design specific )

Douaa Si Ramdane
Institut d'architecture de Mostaganem

Project idea

"The birth of idea" : any idea in the beginning appears blurry but with more work and explinations it becomes clearer. The combination between clarity and opacity was the concept of this building . Otherwhise , the idea is transmited by neurones in the brain circuit, and to continu in the same concept I have designed the passage to reach this building inspired by brain circuit wich is raised also all over the façades as a neural chain . While this is the aim of Coworking space , the collaboration between too many ideas from people with different mindsets and ideas to creat homogeneous project , solution or event following desing and architectural methods .

Project description

Create a space where architecture/design students could meet inspiring people with their varieties including architects, designers, entrepreneurs, business owners to cultivate their sens of creativity , communication and stability in this domain . A polyvalent lively space that does not look like usual workspaces in its spirit and envelope. I worked in the distribution of several programs in the 3 levels of the building : Coworking spaces, rest areas, presentation spaces, meeting rooms, workshops, offices, material library , book library , café ...

Technical information

The opaque blocks are in reinforced concrete to creat a sens of regidity and strength. I had projected the same idea of " brain circuit " in the façades . For the concrete blocks are the openings , and for the curtain walls are the steel branches .


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