Aleksandar Spasevski, Zlatko Zlatko
UACS | University American College Skopje

Project idea

What was required of us for this project was to create an inovative interdisciplinary research center for the STU complex. The building should’ve had many different spaces such as: Administrative offices, library,
presentation rooms, start up center, study rooms, media library, cafes, workshops, spaces for gatherings, relaxation, areas for presentation and exibitions, pavillions etc.
It was a challenging task so we went with something different, a circular building that would change the looks of the location which is with old buildings with sharp edges and rectangular forms.

Project description

Our building is with glass facade, with hight of 37.9 meters, with open ground floor which won’t interfere with the free space of the location.
On the building itself, we added colored columns that would add some personality
to the building and the already existing space around. The glass facade forms a circular corridor for easy moving trough the building and gives nice views on the yard.
In the yard we placed many different programs that were asked from us, there is an amphitheatre, kiosks, places for relaxation and exhibitions, six pavillions that would work 24/7 for free use of the studens, we also added
more green spaces for people to free use. The skybar on the top of the building gives us a nice panoramic view of Bratislava, it’s a green terrace with large open space and a slightly smaller closed space.
With this different aproach we hope to give the STU complex and also Bratislava a new modern building.

Technical information

In the brochure of this project you can find the floor plans, site plans, analysys, sections, and renders. We provide a poster with the most valuable informations combine, for easier view of our project.


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