Design of a Chinese Restaurant

Afeefa Adeeba Rahman
Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Dhaka

Idea projektu

Project: Design of a Chinese Restaurant
Location: Conceptual
Year: 2017
Level-2, Term-2

The project aims to design a Chinese restaurant by understanding the ambiance and providing the necessary program, facilities, and environment that differentiates it from any other type of restaurant by preserving its unique character as a Chinese Restaurant.


The concept is generated from the number ‘3’ that associates with the 3 Chinese star Gods having the qualities of Prosperity (Fu), Status (Lu), and Longevity (Shou).

The three rectangles interlocks with each other that represents the reception area, the support ting kitchen area, and the dining area.

Popis projektu

The entry faces the roadside that opens to a lobby that gives visual connection to an inner waterbody surrounded by bamboo poles giving the innate vibe of Chinese culture. Then a person gets two options either to go to the indoor dining at a slightly sunken floor using a short ramp or to semi-outdoor dining on the first floor using the stair. Both the ramp and the stairway give a floating effect passing above the inner waterbody.

Both the indoor dining on the ground floor and outdoor dining on the first floor have maximum view opening and connection to the exterior lake which is even accessible from the ground floor.

Technické informace

Material Selection:

Bamboo is the symbol of longevity. Bamboo as a building material has a high compressive strength and low weight has been one of the most used building materials as support for the concrete.

So, bamboo and concrete are used as main building materials.

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