Alexandria Visitor Center

Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University in Alexandria

Idea projektu

Alexandria is the second capital of Egypt, and its capital in the old days includes Alexandria among its folds a lot of distinctive landmarks. It is considered a Greek city founded by Alexander the Great. It has a pillar, the Citadel of Qaitbay, and many heritage buildings mixed with modern civilization. It is a tourist destination for many residents around the world .

Popis projektu

The project aims to create a new vision for the city of Alexandria and help visitors to know the civilization of the city of Alexandria and the activities in the city .

Technické informace


The "rectangular" shape will reconstruction of shaped would allow preserve the yard but would also perception being from the type of architecture would be able to keep the heritage with modern way
first block tends to open on top porch invite people to Go below .This Generous creates a file covered public space towards others Display buildings Repeating the block would add another room to the display while maintaining the shape The last block to increase the size of the hall while using its roof as a public space overlooking the raml station The final block that has been taken can implement the project idea .

Structure system

form active structure system Use one reinforced concrete substrate and steel cable attached to the ceiling.
The attached ceiling slab is extended to the floor. to distribute the load .

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