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Nottingham Trent University (NTU), School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment, Nottingham

Idea projektu

CONCEPT: The aim of this project is to introduce new technologies + sustainable design techniques, and re-integrate natural elements in the city, helping the mental and physical human health by taking an extra step towards a greener future, while allowing the users to experience an alternative state of mind through the intertwining of cacao roasting and yoga flow. Chocolate has been known to help in the activation of different brainwave frequencies, hence the hybridisation of yoga and chocolate forms spaces that introduce the idea of a polyphasic society providing a unique customer experience. The area of focus in the design of the building is a key space that hybridises both clients, as the scent of chocolate roasting travels upwards in space reaching the yoga studio, while maintaining acoustically controlled environments.

Problem I – Destruction of Nature:
- Today, as the rate of building construction increases, humans can hardly distinguish which space can keep them and Nature thriving, simply because they are used to live in artificial concrete jungles, detached from the natural environment. The construction industry is currently responsible for approximately 40% of the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions released all over the world and 87.5% these emissions are released due to electricity production for heating and ventilating. Also, the great amount of wasted materials is polluting the land and oceans, affecting the number of species that become extinct every day (approx. 200 species/day).
- The food industry emits around 20% of all GHG emissions, with the meat + dairy industry emitting most of these. This industry is the leading cause of deforestation and loss of natural habitats, as most cropland is dedicated to animal agriculture and livestock food.

Problem II – Brain health of the Society:
Our brain operates at different frequencies – beta, alpha, theta and delta brainwaves. Our society mostly experiences a state of monophase of beta brainwaves, as stress dominates our minds. Brainwaves are electrical impulses in the brain, helping in the communication of the brain and all body neurons, controlling emotions, behaviour, and thoughts.
‘’We live in a Monophasic society, but east and indigenous cultures were Polyphasic’’ by Steven Kotler

Popis projektu

RESPONSE to problem I:
- Most of the GHG released in the construction industry is because of electricity production for heating and ventilation. Innovation in material + technology in terms of structuring the building envelope is crucial in order to minimise the need for artificial ventilation. Design consciousness with material selection can be the key for less construction waste, considering the availability of local materials, preferring materials that can be recycled, reused, reclaimed, or biodegraded.
- 98% of all animals on Earth are bred to existence and just the 2% of all animals belong to wildlife. This imbalance of the human species with the rest of the world`s species can be altered by consuming less dairy + meat, decreasing the demand for animal breeding, enhancing harmony and balance between the human and animal population. One of this project`s clients is ‘Luisa`s vegan chocolates based in Nottingham. This company appreciates the importance of nature and human health by choosing to eliminate dairy products in the chocolate production.

RESPONSE to problem II:
Start to stimulate the activation of all the brainwaves, improving cognition, memory, mood, and anxiety. The second client of this project – Bahia yoga, based in Nottingham - allows yoga practitioners to get involved in spiritual exercises that enable them to be aware of their negative thoughts and help them control anxiety and wind down.

Technické informace

Green roof – the green roof improves air quality and controls internal environments. This means that in the summer and winter the internal temperature will be closer to the average comfort level, keeping the spaces warmer in winter and cooler in the summer. This will lower the need for heating and ventilating the spaces, decreasing energy consumption and GHG emissions.

3D printing - A robotic arm is used to 3d-print local clay. This technique is a hybrid of vernacular architecture and technology. Considering Nottingham`s cold climate, the surfaces of the 3d-printed clay are smooth to increase solar gain.

Ash timber - Ash is one of the most abundant wood species in the East Midlands and has one of the highest growing rates of up to 60cm a year. Considering the availability of local and abundant materials in the nearest areas of Nottingham, ash is used as an interior and façade finish.

Reclaimed concrete tiles - Concrete found in nearby buildings is crushed near the site and reclaimed to produce 50mm thick concrete tiles for flooring.

Existing roof - Oak timber from the existing roof is reclaimed and used as oak flooring in the basement chocolate tempering area and is also cross-laminated to form the yoga reception area and the extension on the 2nd floor.

Existing 3rd floor – the 3rd floor is deconstructed and the timber joists are reclaimed into OSB for fixed furniture structure and the steel beams are reused for the new green roof construction.

Location: Nottingham, UK
Floors: 4 (including basement)
Climate: Cold-Temperate

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