Ethnic minority community living space

Bao Le Van
Ha Noi Architectural University

Idea projektu

A project was launched to develop the community, improve the quality of life of ethnic minorities in mountainous areas. Issues such as economy, food, energy, education,… is a problem for ethnic minority villages. Children do not have a safe learning environment, adults do not have the best working space. Cultural exchange spaces and community activities are limited. And this work will be considered a solution.

Popis projektu

Combinations from many different material contour shapes with different uses. Taking people to diverse approaches, the building is a combination of many circles. Circle symbolizes connection, solidarity. Er outlying colors are inspired by brocade weaving of ethnic peoples, intertwined in which are different functional blocks such as entertainment, learning for children, rest, work space, planting trees,….The building wants to give the repairer a new feel there are still spaces with indigenous cultural colors but there are also spaces that give users a new feel

Technické informace

The building is a combination of locally available materials such as bamboo, wood, stone,… and industrial artficial materials such as concrete, glass, solar panels ….

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