Shanawaz Alli
Instituto Superior de Ciências e Tecnologia de Moçambique

Idea projektu

The project is located in the district of Matutuine with very high tourist potential, several beaches, good view, accessibility, physical conditions, activities developed on site and the special reserve of Maputo with various animals, but underdeveloped by the local population that doesn't benefit from its potencial. With the bridge that connects KaTembe to Maputo, accessibility has become even more direct, opening more opportunities for district growth. With a very high potential, it is intended to create an attractive tourist spot as well as an icon that represents an element of nature with strong significance for Mozambicans as a way to leverage tourism over the next 10 years in the Matutuine district. The idea is a dynamic Resort that interacts with the natural environment, making the most of what nature offers, such as vegetation, slope, solar orientation, prevailing winds, sea views, material, activities, reducing the impact on the environment as well as the balance between the lodge's activities and nature. Inspired by the movements with great visual impact of the place, the waves and the dunes, the shape of the main building represents their continuity.

Popis projektu

Being on a slope, the observer will see the complex from the lowest level as if it were a continuity of the dunes and from the highest level will observe as if it were continuity of the sea waves. And creating a very ventilated area and reducing the solar incidence by creating double roof. As vegetation is the most abundant element of the place, the project aims to create a new landmark for the district whose concept of tree will represent its surroundings. the implantation site has 99% vegetation (trees) and for that the architectural element that will be developed will have the language of a typical tree (root, trunk, crown), in order to interact with nature, as if it had to emerge, but with a modern, more sophisticated look, with cutting edge technologies. an aerodynamic element with anti-seismic capacity, hydroponic garden, solar panels, rainwater collection. with various attractive activities such as art exhibition of the local population inside the resort, gym, restaurant, spa, indoor and outdoor yoga, pool, bar, and observation tower that includes coffee shop, heliport that is also used as tennis court and other activities with great view and feeling . With various means of transport such as bus, dock and heliport, there is an abundance for tourists from all over the world creating all kinds of access for all social classes creating a dynamic of tourism not only for the investors of the resort but also to benefit the local population that offers several tourist activities and supply of seafood and agricultural products for their survival creating a connection of the services of the population to resort guests and visitors directly increasing the number of activities offered to guests and increasing the income and jobs of the population in need

Technické informace

The project uses ecologio brick made with earth removed on site, with a concrete structure, resistant and durable. features double cover protecting from the sun and creating a pleasant environment in the center aisle. the tower has a central concrete structure with a heeled foundation with an anti-seismic system, dampers between the pillars and an anti-vibration system on the roof due to the vibration of the helicopters. it features hydroponic gardens that work by gravity and solar panels on the roof and rainwater collection that will be used in the bathrooms. features fire safety throughout the project and a laminated wood closure

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