Vision Pavilion

Jacek Czudak
Silesian University of Technology, (Politechnika Śląska), Faculty of Architecture, Gliwice

Idea projektu

The conceptual design of the pavilion, the main theme of which is the sense of sight, and more precisely its diversity among species inhabiting our planet.

Popis projektu

The parametric design, based on spheres reminiscent of the eyes, has been divided into smaller forms that are not accidental. Division of the so-called Vonoroi is found in many places in nature, such as leaf texture, human skin, tortoiseshell, and many more. The use of such a division made it possible to perforate the spheres so that the resulting holes were filled with light filters in the form of, for example, colored glass. Thanks to this, inside the pavilion there is only filtered light of a specific color, allowing you to see each other in such colors as sharks, horses or some insects see us.

Technické informace

Construction skeleton is meant to be made from steel in a way that it can be deconstructed and transported to different place in the world. Material filling the gaps is supposed to be membrane providing ease of construction and eco friendly feeling. Light filters could be made of glass or sugar glass (like in lollipops) thanks to which it could dissolve after a few rains making the exhibition contemporary.


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