Morphosis, A Living Building

Ramiro Saavedra Llosa
Universidad Mayor Real y Pontificia San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca

Idea projektu

The city of Sucre currently has housing problems, the housing deficit is approximately 41 percent, many people do not have resources or options to get housing and opt for other methods such as rent. The project seeks to reduce the deficit, generate work, recreation and commercial spaces, in addition to mitigating the pollution footprint present in the city using principles of sustainability and low energy consumption. The sustainable urban community focuses on the use of vegetation and integration spaces, to improve the quality of life of the population that opts for these types of housing.

Popis projektu

The architectural proposal uses types of housing to reduce the housing deficit, through elements of a sustainable nature. The building focuses on reducing energy costs, taking advantage of elements such as natural light and the capture of rainwater for the benefit of the people.
Like a plant that moves and twists in search of light, the project seeks the greatest amount of natural light by rotating every five degrees so that the homes have lighting at different times of the day. The concept is based on the habitability triangle that has three essential components: Housing, Environment and Principles of Sustainability.

Technické informace

It is located on an area with characteristics of growth and expansion in the near future. Good income from the 'Circuvalación' avenue, public transport systems are in the area and the site is close to the city.
The spaces for interaction and socialization are directly connected to the buildings, generating coexistence, quality of life, exercise, commerce, among others.
The sustainable community reduces energy costs, eliminates polluting factors with the use of vegetation, proposes green walls in multifamily buildings, captures rainwater to use it, generates urban gardens for consumption by the same people and provides services such as a health and education center.
The construction systems used are common in the city of Sucre. The use of boxed slabs, reinforced concrete, tempered safety glass for houses, metallic structures + green walls are some of the characteristics used in the project.

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