Wellness resort DŽBÁN

Daniel Boruch
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

The terrain and the natural surroundings of Džbán were the main inspiration for the project. The main goal was to design a complex of buidlings, which is trying to preserve unique landscape of Džbán. The building is trying to implement principles of sustainable architecture and therefore become lesser burden for the enviroment.

Popis projektu

The complex is built "around" linear structures of circuit for in-liners and cyclists. The buidling itself is made out of 2 parts. The first part is "the base". The base is integrated into the terrain and contains public spaces, wellness, bistros and entrance lobby. The second part is "the organic wave". The wave follows surrouding terrain with its shape. Public transport brought to the area is in form of semi-undeground capsules. This transport has its stop inside the complex for convenience of its users.

The southern facade is fit with large format photovoltaic glass panels. The panels are not as transparent as traditional glass, but it is transparent nonetheless. This fact helps the interior, because the panels serve also as a form of shading.

Light to the underground interior is brought by the atriums, which serve as small zen gardens with trees and vegetation. The main communication underground is two storey high to emphasize its importance and bring enough light to it. This communication has shops, food courts and other services along it so it feels like an "inside-street".

There are 4 different types of hotel rooms, most of them is situated to the north, towards the forest. The largest hotel rooms are located at the end of each storey. These rooms have a large terrace enriched by vegetation at their disposal.

Technické informace

The underground part of the building is designed out of monolitic steel-concrete.Not only because it is in contact with the terrain, but also because of the organic shapes of the walls. This part of the buidling has a green roof for pedestrians and cyclists.
The upper parts (which are above the ground) are designed out of steel-concrete at the moment, only because the legislation of the Czech Republic does not allow these types of building to be made out of wood. However the construction system would not change if the upper part was made out of wooden beams and columns.