Albion Jakupi, Endrit Ahmeti
University for Business and Technology - UBT

Project idea

The aim was to build in the center of Ferizaj, a city in Kosovo, an object that fit the silhouette of the city. This city has a completely irregular urbanism, we thought to connect this object directly in context and to have a friendly connection with the surrounding objects.

Project description

The project is a hybrid housing complex "KONGLOMERATE", Modular City of "Affordable" Housing. Designed for three generations. This residential building would serve for three generations: young people, the elderly and family members. This building itself contains parking, business and housing.On the ground floor is the business part, then the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors are for family and elderly, while the complete 5th floor is a hybrid node. The hybrid node itself contains a ticket office, restaurant, gym, etc. While the other floors continue with housing for young people and family. Permanent building in the duplex apartment with central corridor and entrance gallery. Duplex apartments with central corridor are designed in the center of the building, while the part with the entrance gallery is located in the southern part of the building. While most apartments are designed as flat apartments.

Technical information

The structural structural system is composed of the Combined System of Reinforced Concrete and Wood + Steel. Most of it is from reinforced concrete with 70% and the rest from wood + steel with 30%. While the outer part of the building or the facade is completely covered with wood where it gives warmth to the inhabitants

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