The Affordable Housing Kit

Muhammad Saeed
University of Karachi, Department of Visual Studies

Idea projektu

In big cities of Pakistan like Karachi, construction of affordable housing poses two main concerns: It is time-consuming, and life span of product is fifty to sixty years. The construction time factor/house is approximately 4 to 6 months and the materials are RCC, concrete block, precast concrete forms. Materials are not durable and not as such affordable because of 60 years life span, it's time to place this issue under greater scrutiny. Also there is dire need to find fast construction with affordable material because in the case of Naya Pakistan Housing Program 5 million houses to be built in five years. Present construction technology alone cannot meet demand. For that fast and affordable mass housing solution is required which is not yet identified. To investigate suitable solutions, the research is categorized in study sections divided as;

i. Current demand and shortage scenario.
ii. Local & international practices to cope with shortage.
iii. Spatial considerations (in this section we identify user user physical and economical aspects of user).
iv. Comparison of local prices, materials and construction methods (in the end of this section we propose combination of existing materials. and move towards methods).
v. Fast construction methods.
vi. Conclusion. (From overall research).

Popis projektu

Going through the research process in the end it is concluded that, module could be designed which with material flexibility so that local material of the any area can be incorporated. If single material suggested, it will cause inflation in the market leads to shortage of material because of mass scale of the project. Module is a housing kit that can be assembled on site within days. Mass prefabrication will be done offsite which will save time and prevents wastage. Houses will be earthquake proof. Incremental options are provided to cope with space shortage and increase affordability. Energy saving designs will also make it long term low cost. Also the material found above are life time assets because they are recyclable, reusable and has money value even after years of usage.

Technické informace

Universal precast foundations of cement concrete is designed in a way that it can be placed on different site conditions. Housing Kit is composed of Structure and cladding material. For Karachi region site not yet identified, so that module can fit on different positions. Findings of material and method research says suitable materials for durable and fast constructive structure are Wood and H.G.S, and for wall panel materials are cement board, marine plywood, and light weight concrete blocks. Door, window and vent are of PVC, Aluminum or wood. Process should involve less wastage and local labor and less use of heavy machinery. House is based on user need that are middle and lower middle income group.
Multi plot size modules are practiced based on number of peoples in a family. Space compaction and courtyards are incorporated along with better quality spaces to maintain the standard of good living. Housing kit are in parts and flexible in terms of incremental development as well as be easy to maintain if the part is damaged.

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