Post Office Building

Lend Sylejmani
University for Business and Technology - UBT

Project idea

Postal services are taken as a concept for this project development, where the shape of the building is created using postal packages as a basic concept, and its general function is realized by analyzing the form of postcards.

Project description

The main goal of this project is to adapt all of the services and functions with a modern touch, creating a coherent, sustainable and functional working space. The building has two entrances, one of which is for clients and the other for administration.

The aim is to approach a more unique & modern design while still keeping the functionality of the building at the maximum rate. It offers every posting service that the clients may need and space is designed in such a way where the clients can easily get all of the services they need and have a comfortable connection with the staff if needed. It is also an ideal and comfortable space for the staff and provides various working and relaxing spaces.

The spacious areas of the clients and the administration are interconnected by using an atrium in the middle as well as the use of glass in different parts where the activities during the day are observed on both sides. Both spaces have their individual function and separate areas while simultaneously interconnecting to create a modern and functional working environment.

Technical information

This Post Office building is P+1 with a structural construction system.

The building contains:
- Two separate entrances, one destined for the client and the other for the administration
- The security
- Waiting zone/ lobby
- Multimedia communication space
- Counters / Place where services are provided
- Telephone booths
- Atrium
- Employee area
- Archive
- Kitchenette
- Postage space
- Warehouse for maintenance and cleaners
- Wardrobe
- IT space
- Meeting room
- Server room
- Coordinator's Office
- Office of Managers
- Sanitary facilities
- Balcony


- Conceptual scheme
- Form Generation Diagrams

- Function diagram scheme
- Building areas in the volumetric form with their respective function

Technical Drawings:
Situation Plan - P 1:200
Ground Floor - P 1:100
1st Floor - P 1:100
Section A-A - P 1:100
Section B-B - P 1:100
Facades - P 1:100

ArchiCad Modeling and 3ds Max Rendering


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