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Tuti island revival proposal

Eman Ibrahim, Reemaz Hassan, Anfal Abuther / Fatime abdalmoneim, Lina husham / Sarya Elfatih, Waad Alaa/ Alaa Abdalaziz
College of Architecture, University of Khartoum, Khartoum

Idea projektu

This project is group work of 8 anticipating to set proposal for reviving local island in sudan khartoum which located in great Nile river.
The idea is to enrich the economy and self-dependance on agricalture because most of habitats invest their rich lands in buildings which destroy the environment and topography of the tuti island.
This area is considered as the green eye of khartoum as its waterfront and many of it lands are farms. In addition to the potentials to become Sudanese landmark because of the strategic location and nearby construction sites which ment to be great Nile towers.
Our vision is to maintain agricaltural waterfronts with addition of some activities to enrich the economy .

Popis projektu

The solutions ment to be 80% sustainable with water plant and biogas systems in addition to farm markets, plazas for tuti residents and botanical garden.

Technické informace

The first technical solution is retaining walls to prevent seasonally floods with floating pathways and raised road to allow floods water to irrigate lemon and mango trees.
Biogas plants from cows shit and organic wastes with in the site.


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