Abdulrasheed Buhari, Muhammad Habeeb Abdul
University of Ilorin, Ilorin

Idea projektu


▪ Households within the neighbourhood shall be issued an entry coupon stating the shopping timeframe they will be allowed in, in order to control overcrowding.
▪ To ensure social distancing throughout the market, the seats and Danfo stalls are at a minimum of 2m.
▪ It’s a perquisite the everyone wear face covering before allowed in and while in the market.
▪ Suspension of product sampling and self-service options.
▪ Providing hand-sanitizing stations.
▪ Prepare shopping list to shorten time spent.
▪ Limit the number of customers in a booth to one at a time.
▪ Picking or touching of items will not be allowed. No foods or drink will be allowed to be
prepared on-site
▪ Vendors package food in containers to keep customers in transit.
▪ Send one household member to shop
▪ Use exact change or credit card


Traffic Control:
Impounded ‘Danfo buses’ by the NPF, FRSC, NPO & VIO can be auctioned and modified to mobile stalls for traders’ use. The farm produce and provision are categorized into six (6) different groups, namely: Fruits; Vegetables; Animal produce; Processed food items; Toiletries & beverages; Grains & cereals.

Danfo Bus Transformation:
Volkswagen Vanagon bus is used as the prototype. The passengers’ seat, windows, and back roof cover are removed to increase the headroom and create a variation of back and/or side servery opening options.

Roof Concept:
The concept revolves around the “GRAB PHENOMENON”. This form concept is an appraisal of and deducted from the posture the hand makes while picking wares up in the market for examination before purchase by the customers.

Popis projektu

In a bid to appraise this market culture and capture it’s depression over time due to the corona-virus pandemic, we have adapted this form that has allowed us a functional space allocation and cater for our yearning for an aesthetic outlook.

The modality of this market model will enable the replication and adaptation in different neighbourhoods to reduce the need of walking long distances to get food and essentials. Further adaptation techniques is the actual movement of each repoed danfo to each doorstep to deliver food and essentials to people living there I.e they do not need to leave their homes during the pandemic.

Technické informace

Customers’ Waiting Area:
Twenty (20) seats (maximum allowed number of people in a gathering) with two meters spacing between them. Foot pedestal hand sanitizers are provided at strategic points. Promoting social distancing while not eradicating human interaction within the space.
Traders’ Station:
Six (6) modified Danfo buses, each selling the six grouped farm produce and provision are allowed into the market at a time. Customers are to stand on the red colour painted concrete slab, as they move forward in turn from one stall to another.
Security Post:
12ft modified Container Security Post on reinforced concrete footing. The security personnel shall be a youth volunteer from the neighbourhood to ensure all customers and traders adhere to the guidelines of the conduct in the market.
Cold room & Storage:
12ft modified Container on reinforced concrete footing. The container shall serve as storage facility for left-overs of perishable and frozen food items for traders till the next market day.
Mobile Toilets:
Three (3) mobile restroom cubicles are provided on site for customers and traders. It shall be channeled to a septic tank on site.

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