Interiérový design

Museum of Art and History

eslam ahmed
The German University in Cairo

Idea projektu

considering the human being and the heritage as origin in determining the identity, harmony and unification between the past and the Modernity and between history and modernity. This idea was adopted and translated In taking clear geometric lines, shapes and lines as symbols of the past , and merging them with design lines.
* Arranging civilizations in ascending order from the oldest to the newest and showing the extent of the link between one civilization and the other, so that the museum is not just an exhibition of collectibles, but rather a full and complete study of civilizations and the extent of their influence on each other. This increases the cultural awareness of peoples
Arrangement of civilizations
The Mesopotamia civilization,the Egyptian civilization,the Greek civilization,the Roman civilization,the Coptic civilization,the Islamic civilization.

Popis projektu

A museum that provides descriptions of the civilizations of the ancient world and their most important characteristics and customs found in each region areas of the ancient world, introducing the identities of ancient peoples, cherishing them, and presenting legacies Immortalized by history.

Technické informace

The project includes an interior design concept and functional distribution followed by plans to better present the interior development of the museum and to display the collections.


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