Areeba Sarfaraz
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Department of Architecture and Design, Islamabad

Project idea

The future has now become the present and it demands a solution apt for the current time. The year is 2060, its the time when we can settle any where anytime without the hassle of moving. Architecture has now evolved into smaller yet smarter solutions.

Project description

This smart house assures the potential possibilities of being able to move to places with this home and a wide range of experience which suppresses the need of 4 luxurious space and provides a thrill of adventure with its legs that is inspired by the biomimicry phenomenon of insects.
modernism enthused smart home is designed in an innovative adobe fashion where energy efficiency is maximum by the utilization of space when needed. the portable zones, inspired by origami fan packs in extra space. it can easily open and close, using technology of electromagnetic effect, providing a panoramic view to further enhance the exposure.
the curved module makes up the shell structure of the building, which is grapheme. being one of the world's most lights, flexible and stable material, it will assist building to perch on cliffs and heights.

Technical information

(Technical details are available in picture)\
Details on how the legs and shell of the house work.

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