Mossi Canopy

Carolina Herrera
University of the Americas Puebla

Project idea

The project “Mossi Canopy” is designed to be context-sensitive and to link traditional elements with modern shapes.
This remodeling seeks to make the amphitheater the “tree of Samandin”, were trees in Burkina Faso are a place where people gather together, where everyday activities play out under the shade of it´s branches.

Project description

Taking a call to the past, the Mossi architecture was the main reference for the project. Based on the organic forms found in the vernacular Mossi architecture, the first component was created: “Mossi earth modules”, different radius for each module were created in order to fit all the programs of the project. The arrangement of the different modules were generated by taking into account the surrounding trees of the complex and by the creation of the main and secondary courtyards, (that are the base of the Mossi architectural design). For unifying and creating a group of concessions for the areas: WORK, LABO and SHOW, the second component was created. The "Urban metallic canopy” resembles the urban reticular layout of the Samandin neighborhood. Another main important part of each concession, are the “Venetian well courtyard”, this areas are for rain water harvesting, and when is not rain season, it becomes an area where people can sit and gather together.
For the SHOW area, a ribbon was created based on the form of a Mossi community, thanks to the dynamic form, different spaces for conviviality are created under the shadows of the existing trees and in-between the spaces of the ribbon.
For the stage coverage, a wooden round canopy is used, to resemble the form a tree canopy, symbolizing that, this new project is the new “urban” tree.

Technical information

The use of axonometry diagrams helps to understand the construction of the "mossi canopies" as well as the "urban trees" in the amphitheatre.


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