Mix use building - Fashion Academy

Ahmad Banafa
King Abdulaziz University, Faculty of Environmental Design, Jeddah
Saúdská Arábie

Project idea

Desiging a Mix use building includes social, retail, offices and an event hall.
its main function is Fashion Academy to teach trainers to design and sewing dresses.

Project description

Its a 5 floors building with mezanine, which are underground, ground, first, second and annex floors
designed according to site analysis and Amana's regulations in Saudi Arabia

Technical information

The building is seperated in two for the Academy and Cafe.

Ground floor and Mezanine are retail, cafe
and an event hall to show the latest designed dresses and for other events.

First floor and Second floor are classes for trainers ,
Also a workspace cafe in both floors with Annex floor for designers

Annex floor are offices for the Academy and building managment

Underground floor is parking lot


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