Haifa - Mix & Match

Noam Spivak
The NB Haifa School of Design

Project idea

Residential model for the Israeli society at 2020. refining of architectural elements from different cultures that coexists in Israel and especially in Haifa. Analysis of elements and the values they express, their function and space design. A new interpretation of these elements in a residential model which replies to Haifa's diversity.

Project description

The building is located at Kiryat Elihu, Haifa, Israel. The building is 7 floors tall, with 19 residential units of 60, 90 and 120 square meters. all of them are based on architecture elements of different cultures and provide both personal and public spaces. The building is using a double skin system of GRC boards that differ in density. All of those are based on a light weight construction, and located according to the Israeli climate

Technical information

All the technical information is provided in the uploaded files.


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