Fruzsina Nyárai
Szent István University - Ybl Miklós Faculity of Architecture

Project idea

This project is an attempt to create a public building with a sport function to a densely populated urban area. The choice of the exact function, eventually a swimming facility, is based on a thorough site analysis.
My intention has been to design a building which fits well, both with its appearance, as well as its function, with the architectural character of the existing buildings. In order to create a building that may serve the needs and expectations of the diverse community of the neighbourhood, I have decided to incorporate a wellness facility, a high diving platform and a semi-open terrace with various functions for leasure.
A further objective of mine has been to contribute to the measurable reduction of the urban heat island effect of the surrounding area, a vision that will be supported by integrating an extensive green roof and landscaping around the facility.

Project description

The architectural character of the buildings in the a surrounding area and their functions, the infrastructure and the proportions of the green areas affect the siting concept.
The site is located in a residential area of Budapest. Due to regulations, the designed building had to follow the rules of a development in unbroken rows. The shape and mass of the structure have been influenced by the morphology of the surrounding area, in this case, the applied perimetric development method. The architectural character of the existing buildings around the site varies significantly which explains my choice to use decorative concrete as the facade. With this neutral material, I wished to avoid the building to stand out and intended it rather to blend into its environment.

Technical information

The main structure is a monolith reinforced concrete frame structure with infill brick walls. The building consists of five levels, including one underground. In order to provide sufficient natural lighting to the lower levels, an atrium has been included. Concrete solar shading surrounds the external walls of the entire building which gives it its unique character.

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