Theatre populaire ideal

Anthony kai
USEK - Holy spirit University of Kaslik

Idea projektu

Introduction of a new vision including the textile, for the residents of Burkina Faso, it is not expansive and could be built by the artisans formed about this textile technologies. The textile makes the theatre dancing and the volume more light. So the idea of textile is theatrical, starting from the curtain of the stage, ending with physical propriety of this material, witch by his transparency, and translucency, becomes more similar to the “ombre chinois” or dark theater, that depends of an translucent curtains and light focusing on the abstract movement of the person standing behind the curtain, which make the experience more interesting and exciting.

Popis projektu

The architectural idea is based on communication, and creating relations in between the existing functions (CDC) and the new project, so starting by separation between the road and the plot by water plan, then creating the textile cover that covers the theatre’s shape which in consequence limits the variety of shapes and makes it more consistent with the others existing forms, then creating an axe from the center of the scene passing by the center of the circular piazza, ending at the CDC existing building.
After that in the large textile some voids where created to divide between function, making a relations between the roads and even the three volumes show, labo, and co-working, by pedestrian entrances covered with green bamboo, and also leading to the circular piazza where all the resident of the region could have access, and a social live that’s makes the project working 24/7.
About the elevation, they will be covered by sun blocker for the exposed elevation to the south, east, and west, or flying curtains by wind exposed to the north elevation, going from the concept as we could see it in plans, that the theater is solid stable form, so all the wall close to this theater will be solid from concrete, and as we move away this walls will get lighter, ending at the periphery with textile walls. As I finished the ground floor plan, and all the needed function are available, so the uppers floors are flexible for any other function in the future.

Technické informace

The structure is based on a freestanding structure, independent of columns, it’s the shell structure which is very beneficial and limits the loss of space in plan. In addition of the light weight of this structure all used material are recyclable or could be reused.

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