Multifunctional building

Félix Manuel Xavier Machatine
Universidade Zambeze

Idea projektu

The idea of the project is to create a unique building and with this principle of having three functions, that is,
commerce housing and offices (multifunctional), will be felt three cores of vertical circulation
that are independent and that have an interactive relationship through the circulation corridors.
The commercial area is the closest to AV. Armando Tivane therefore, through his
framing and composition of its facade (all glazed), will provide a greater
attention to the general public thus giving an inviting and social interaction aspect.

Popis projektu

Regarding the area and / or area of intervention has
several changes regarding the use and occupation of the
much more in areas with informal settlement and
these have very low topography being vulnerable
The well-structured part features tall buildings
ranging from 1 to 10, of which isolated dwellings,
social housing, commercial buildings. There is still
the expansion of new buildings throughout the

Technické informace

The predominant soil type in the study area is clayey soil, presenting the following
characteristics: Greater soil porosity; Larger micro and less macroporosity; High
water retention; Slow drainage and little air; Higher soil density; Bigger
susceptibility to compaction; Less leachable; More resistance to erosion; Cohesion
high and firm.


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