Al Mutanabbi Street (a Journey of Knowledge)

Toqa Alwan
University of petra, جامعة البترا
Jordánské království

Idea projektu

Al Mutanabbi Street is one of the oldest and best-known streets in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, viewed as a seismograph of the state of Iraqi culture over the course of the centuries, the main target of this project To Enhance the culture of reading which serves a higher cause which is raising awareness and the educational state in Iraq and the Arab world in general which also leads to the development of the culture.

Popis projektu

Preservation of heritage is one of the main goals of this project,so the input proposed in this project is in to enhance the quality of the events happening in the street by re-adjusting the use of the abandoned rooftops to be more welcoming, also adding multi functional units to the street that help expanding the use of the street forth both pedestrians and shop owners.

Due to the large number of events in Al Mutanabbi Street and because of the lack of space. As well as the creation of a cultural center that combines these activities. The cultural center is especially important in that area. This cultural center will be part of the neighbourhoods of Mutanabi Street. The center and its location was based on a study of the site and the nature of visitors to the street, which acts as open space platforms that can contain the happening events in the street.

a part of the center is also designed to be used as a port that leads to the other side of the river which is designed to be a place of reading and experiencing the whole journey.

Technické informace

Site Location: Baghdad,Iraq.

Project Functions:

1. Main entrance to the street
2. Shops, book shops, libraries, cafes, reading area …etc.
3. Art and cultural centre.
4. Open spaces, landscape, and parks.
5. 2 sided Port that connects Al-karkh and Al-Russafa.

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