Museum of Atom (MOTA)

Sara Lin
The University of New Orleans

Idea projektu

Transforming the element on periodic table into the physical form. Utilizing the underlying organization system of the periodic table of the elements as the basis of the project. Ultimately deploy a newly developed formal rule set to design MOTA, the museum of atom on a real site in Livermore, CA.

Popis projektu

My project focus on the compound named "silicon-carbide", which is combined by silicon and carbon element. I take the characteristics of both carbon and silicon element into the design. In order to show the relationship between silicon and carbon, I recalculate a new order system for the compound base on their electron configurations and orbitals. Coming up with a formal system I then further develop my own architecture language. With a given program size and the basic rule which fit the real world architecture, I adjust my design composition to create more spatial area and create a reasonable circulation system for my architecture model.

Technické informace

Museum of atom ( MOTA) Area Include:
1.Entry/ Lobby
2.Interior Display Area
3.Exterior Display Area


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