Chen, WangHsing
The University of New Orleans

Idea projektu

MOTA Museum is a museum designed base on the information of ATOM. Upon research and exploration of chemical elements, this project utilize the essential information of the desire element, such as electrons and atomic number, to create the form language as the central idea of the project.

Popis projektu

After explicit research on different elements, I chose the compound of Chlorine and Titanium as the basic information of my entire project. I create an ordering system to transform those atomic data into form language which helped me to develop a concept model in the very first phase. With further study on my concept model and atomic information, I then work forward to create my final concept of MOTA Museum.

In my project, there are two very different part, the curvature structures representing atoms in my personal interpretation, and rectilinear forms symbolizing the relationship between each information. Although they are extremely different, they come from the same origin, and the way they join into each other is based on how the data interact.

Regarding the ordering system, I give each electron a value base on its energy level and electron type, which allows me to lay out them on a platform with a corresponding grid system created in Rhino. I further take this data set into grasshopper to create curvature structure representing the form of atom in the real world base on my interpretation.

Regarding the structures, I placed two threshold intersecting each other in a right angel, and lay out my atomic data set on each of the platform. Next, I create a rule set to determine how the information connects to each other with different form.

Regarding the site. I want to connect the entire building with the ground, instead of just letting my design sit on it abruptly. As a result, I took a close look on my curvature structures, and start cutting out some portion of the ground based on the radian of the curvatures. I imagine each curve as a representation of the electron wondering around in the reality with its own unique form.

Technické informace

MOTA Museum includes:
1) Entry/Lobby
2) Cafe_Interior/Exterior sitting area
3) Book Store
4) Exhibition_Interior/Exterior display area
5) Restrooms


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