The Glare Of The Dam

Hamzeh Raef
University of petra, جامعة البترا
Jordánské království

Project idea

The idea: To accentuate the natural lines within the land and take advantage of the strengths that surround it (Hiking Route, Stunning Views, Mountains, Rare Plants, etc.) thus making the land arable through several procedures.
1: reversing the aerial / horizontal roots above ground progressively from being transparent to opaque.
2: igniting the sensations through the cells within the roots whose main objective is to absorb solar energy. 3: engaging visitors to communicate with nature through learning new agricultural techniques, practicing the whole process of farming to packaging produce, and learning from professionals as a way of sustaining this process. To compliment the idea visitors go through a progressively complex experience guided by interactive facilities from production to packaging and from planting to tasting. Accommodation facilities are provided for those who would like to live the experience from above in the Chandelier style hanging cabins forming the “Glare of the Dam”.

Project description

The project will serve the local community of Jerash governorate primarily and Jordan as a whole, through providing a farming community based on high-tech farming technologies located at king Talals’s dam where local residents can work in this village and visitors from Jordan and abroad can get to see these latest technologies and spend some time to relax, rejuvenate. visitors can get to sleep over night in a floating cabins/hideout forming a new experience of touristic accommodations in this mountains area.

Technical information

1- Site Analysis.
2- Site Forces.
3- Site Model.
4- Program.
5- Concept.
6- The Glare Of The Dam Gardens.
7- Circulation Map
8- Technical Drawings:
- Plans
- Sections
- Elevations
9- Tower Diagram.
10- Exploded Diagram.
11- 3D Shots:
- Daylight Shots
- Monochrome Shots
- Night Shots

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