Luis Chávez, Cristian Oloarte, Enrique Pedraza
UNAM, Facultad de Arquitectura, Mexico City

Idea projektu

We wanted to plasm the identity of the country inside the design, to archive that , it was opted to look for a contemporary answer which also include their costumes, traditions and context, with the intention of making a contextualized project to the environment around it and which can reflect completely the culture and population of the place.

The main idea is to generate an appropriation of the space by the users, it´s wanted to take advantage of the preexisting slope of the show area to develop terraces in which you can discover the visuals of the compound thru the space transited. From this idea born a group of volumes that provide individuality in each area, looking to bring a sensation of settlement too the place that can reflects on the conception of the amphitheater.

Popis projektu

Burkina Fasso´s Culture is taken as the concept for the project, taking the typical construction of the country to the premise of design and combining it with geometric forms of the African masks, utilizing endemic materials and adjusting to the surrounding landscape.

In addition, it is opted to make the project as sustainable as social as economical possible in which it could maintain for itself, promoting the typical commerce in the zone with the implementation of an inside market that can provide support to the place and keeping it growing as a community.

Regarding to the auditorium form, the rhythm and the regional dance of Burkina Faso is taken as inspiration, which is ruled by the traditional African sounds, where it´s practiced with fluid movements in order to transform this ideas into the structure.

Technické informace

The proposed materials are thought keeping in mind the natural context of Burkina Faso. It´s contemplated to use regional materials in apparent finishes, as well as old construction techniques with contemporary methods.

Bamboo wood structures with assembly joints and mechanical anchors that guarantee the transmission of efforts and consider the factors of expansion and dilatation for the correct operation of the materials.

The walls will be made using a compacted earth method to take advantage of material extracted from the area itself. This construction system has been used in the construction of monuments and in popular architecture.

All the apparent finishes will be detail in wooden panelling that evoke the culture of the country and the belonging to it.

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