Interiérový design

School of Arts and Crafts "José Mariano Méndez"

Gabriela López, Jimena Fuentes, Tiffany Pérez
School of Architecture of the University Dr. José Matias Delgado

Idea projektu

The idea of ​​the project arises from wanting to look for solutions through interior design, that respond to the problem of poverty, specifically in Santa Ana, which is considered one of the departments with the highest index of poverty and housing deficit in El Salvador.
For this, we propose the rehabilitation of this emblematic arts school in the city, adapting it for residential use for all the families of Santa Ana who lack a decent home. A proposal that is based on the increasingly common inclination to rehabilitate buildings, to endow them with a new function, revitalize the artistic cradle of the city and integrate them within the urban and social fabric of a city.

Popis projektu

Inside, we have made a distribution consisting of 10 houses, with 3 different typologies, that adapt to different types of families in Santa Ana.
Likewise, we have incorporated other spaces within the building to address problems such as:
• The low levels of education in Santa Ana, due to the lack of economic resources. For this we propose a building Library and a digital computing center.
• For the support of local Commerce, we decided to create commerce areas such as a mini-supermarket and pharmacy within the building as a way to encourage the economy of these families.
• The vehicular traffic of the surroundings, solving it with an underground parking
The purpose of this project is to revitalize the culture and customs of the city, art, the traditions that are preserved between generations and the stories that for centuries houses a building in search of a new life. The way to tell the identity of our history through the beauty of its architecture, its local products, the fusion of the modern with the existing.

Technické informace

The project has all the technical and architectural details of the current building and the proposed restoration, such as distribution plans, construction plans, lighting plans, elevations and interior details.

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