Tamkang University, College of Engineering, Department of Architecture, Danshui District, New Taipei City

Idea projektu

Hawking asked" Perhaps all our lives, we've been seeing the world through a distorted glass"like fish,just we don’t know.I start to think:Perhaps in another space lives a group of unusual people. They're live another version of life, without the dominance of time.Is it possible for us to detach reality and feel their existance?I’m curious whether two parallel spaces can meet each other through architecture?

Popis projektu

Life was like Bathing.Detachs you from reality label.While changing bath,feel the different temperature, met different people,exchange and circulate.The address of the bathhouse is like an identity of a person, hiden within the site. Two group of people meet in a parallel space without identity, and therefore come across each other’s life.

In the bathhouse,I study typology and the system of energy circulation for the purpose of clean or luxury, to rewrite experience of people from different world.Everyone might desire to abandon identity of their own.Going to Bathhouse might be a way to get freedom.The bathhouse use the remain energy from entertaining consumption.Provide free space in the energy circulation system.There’re two entrance.Everyone can choose either way to enter the bathhouse for free or paid.You Can use the bathhouse the way they want. And meet anothers at rooftop, which is free.Then meeting people come from different worlds at the most public rooftop,and share the ups and downs in your lifes.You can come to the Nameless Bathhouse.To redefine how bathhouse serves people.

Technické informace

The bathhouse use the remain energy from entertaining consumption to provide free space in the energy circulation system.

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