Experimental Architecture Studies - Design for architects meditation Institute

Foshan Institute of Science and Technology

Idea projektu

Assume that team member 6 to 7 people in setting up a partnership architects, need to customize fields, customised size, independent design a meditation of architects, all partners in design activity, the meditation on the (business) and daily life (meditation) practice, take both mutual discussion and division of Labour, the work mode of independent thinking.

Popis projektu

This meditation needs to be constructed by oneself, the mode of commercial building is abandoned, and the original regression of architectural design is achieved through space composition experiment and material composition experiment.

Technické informace

Choose a quiet place in the mountains and forests in Guangzhou to form an architectural creation space centered on meditation and enlightenment.In the concept of the boring city life from the psychological retreat, through the means of design to achieve the purpose of self-healing.With a simple volume and a moderately proportioned volume, the building is integrated with the surrounding environment to form a landscape of the earth. The interior space carries out spatial experiments according to the structure and clues of the micro film, with a simple exterior and rich interior.

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