Science Center Holešovice

Diana Kovacevic
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Architecture
Černá Hora

Idea projektu

Each landscape, city or building has its own spirit, its own Genius Loci. Spirit of place refers to the unique and distinctive aspects of a place; often those celebrated by artists and writers, but also those described in folk tales, festivals and celebrations. It is therefore as much in the invisible weave of culture as it is the tangible physical aspects of a place or its interpersonal aspects.
This master thesis suggests the intention to follow this gestalt theory. Architecture means to visualize the genius loci, and the task of the architect is to create meaningful places. Our obligation is to explore the character of the surrounding and its linkage to the buildings which we are creating.

Popis projektu

A place of inquiry and discovery, experimentation and exploration, a place that has taken the world of tomorrow as its stage - represents designed Science Center in Holešovice.
The urban concept is based on the principle of dialogue between architecture and environment with due consideration to important factors, such as preserving the view across the River Vltava and protecting the surrounding historical buildings in order to create an attractive ambience. Reflection of the river and surronding nature as well as the industrial buildings, were the reasons for bringing on this glass envelope around the object which will in the same time provide transparency of the inner structure of the object.
The architecture of the object follows genious loci of the place - the industrial spirit which is present as many buildings have been preserved and region has been regenerated with a change of functions from cultural, residential up to mixed use. Furthermore, as the first aircraft manufactures were found in this region, the motive of inner structure of airplanes was interpolated on the facades and airplanes in the interior are inviting passangers to visit center.

Technické informace

Science center is designed to represent a place for interactive study and lifelong learning for all generations.
Visitors can encounter the ground floor on their own as it is planned to be a free place for non permenant exhibitions. If interested into more exploration, they can seek guidance from the experts to guide them throughout the exibits or enjoy performances in the multifunctional auditorium.
Some labs will be organised in the coopearation with students from CTU, who can as well exhibit their latest projects. Visitors can take part in the labs and experiments or to enjoy many different presentations offered on daily basis. Aim is to motivate people to actively participate and develop their interest for technical research.
Main materials used for the project are inspired by industrial design are are set as a combination of conrete, corten and glass panels. The appearance of the Science Center follows genius loci of the place but in the same time it brings new modern design which will invite passengers to stop and visit it.
Expectation of the proposed design is to enrich the new cultural heart of Prague-Holešovice, which is with a good reason called ''little Berlin''

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