書 林 : Library in the woods

Jinseon Noh
Yonsei University (YU), Department of Architectural Engineering, Seoul
Jižní Korea

Project idea

This project is about designing a library in the woods. The site is located in the middle of the city, but this place is quiet since its surrounding is a small park in residential area. I wanted this place to be temporary shelter for those who are struggling from everyday work, where they can enjoy reading books in surrounding trees, and also the core community space for local residents.

As a thesis project, my goal was to integrate the whole architectural design process from concept to structure.

Project description

For busy living people in cities, they get rare opportunity to experience peaceful nature. Bringing the context of the site(trees) inside the library was the key concept. Trees became the columns and bookshelves of this library. Unlike ordinary libraries, there is no boundary between shelving area and reading space. Visitors can stroll between the 'trees' and look for their reading materials.

Technical information

In order to withstand the load of concrete roof with timber columns, I came out with the idea of using ' bubble deck' slab. The bubble deck slab is light weight concrete slab filled with plastic balls inside which makes the slab weigh much less. Using the bubble deck slabs can reduce 40% weight of the roof, which enables timber columns to bear the load.

As the roof is open to the pedestrians, the vibration and noises that pedestrians make should be reduced. Therefore, the High damping elastomer is installed at the joint where the rafter and the column meets.

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