Apartments Building

Jana Doležalová
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

The main idea of the project is to complete current block development and create new high-quality housing by logical dispositions.

Popis projektu

Building is divided into five blocks. Thanks to this sun-lighting is possible in more rooms. At the same time, the mass acts lighter and more playful. Staircases are inserted between the blocks. Facade is composed by balconies and loggie. Interesting element of this building is opened north-west corner which should impress all residents by looking into the garden. On the top of each block there are four maisonette and one penthouse.

Technické informace

The construction system is meant as a combined one. There are load bearing enclosure walls and columns made of reinforced concrete. Facade is made of fibre cement tiling in gray and anthracite color.


Ing. Arch. Jan Kašpar
Ing. Arch. Richad Bártík
Ing. Arch. Lenka Zelená

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