Kristýna Potůčková
FA VUT - Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

There are some places who have lost their charm because of stress people experienced there. There are also many beautiful moments and relationships who disappeared because of lack of time. If we give people place and reason where they can stop for a while and enjoy nice moment based on sharing with another people, we can restore the beauty together. Let´s fill the places with stories again!

Popis projektu

Agorax is a deckchair designed especially for public spaces. It´s name Agorax was created by putting words agora and relax together and it expresses its purpose – this deckchair is made for relaxing at agoras experiencing beautiful places in another way than we are used to. The built-in public bookcase is ment for exchanging and sharing books and developing the relationships in community which lives in the area.
Agorax can be nice solution for turistic places which are now reduced to pictures from books. It can give them life again by convincing people of spending some pleasant time there, giving the place new story.
Simple but comfortable design allows it´s easy and fast construction, low costs and easy transport.

Technické informace

The deckchair is built of timbers (dimensions 30x30mm) joint by threaded steel rods. See the enclosed scheme.


Rodrigo Saavedra, Federick Araujo Hauck

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